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Our Downey Plumbing Contractors Do Garbage Disposals

Our Downey plumbing contractors Our Downey plumbing contractors fix garbage disposalsspend a lot of time installing new fixtures and appliances in the area. One of the most popular is the garbage disposal. A garbage disposal can be the best line of defense against large chunks of food getting stuck in your drains. Our techs install both Waste King and Insinkerator brand garbage disposals and would recommend either to a potential buyer.

Once you have had a garbage disposal installed you'll wonder how you ever lived without one. Now those leftovers that hit the sides of the trashcan can easily be washed down the drain without the fear of causing a back-up. Well, at least to a point. Even though garbage disposals are great at chewing up food into small, drain friendly, bits there are still some things that should never be put down the disposal.

Any item that is harder than the blade of the garbage disposal will dull the blades. Dull blades are inefficient and often end up tearing food instead of cutting it. These torn pieces are more likely to catch on other debris in the drain line and start to form clogs. Always make sure that no silverware or small glassware has fallen into the disposal. These items can be projected out of the disposal and cause injury to anyone around the sink area.

Don't Put These Down Your Drain

Fruit stones are another no no. Garbage disposal repair 24 hours a dayGarbage disposal blades won't cut through fruit stones and will bounce them around inside making a horrible sound. The same goes for corn cobs and green pepper stems.  In addition, no meat should ever be put down the drain. It will also rip and tear instead of being cut cleanly. The fibrous nature of the meat can cause it to wrap around the blades and stop them from working.

Other fibrous materials like corn husks, onion and potato peels, carrot peels, apple peels, etc. can wrap around the disposal blades and cause them to stop spinning and your disposal to stop working.

Take it from our Downey plumbing contractors - if you watch what you put down your drain you'll have far fewer plumbing problems than the next guy.