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Our Plumbers in Downey Are Gas Line Specialists

Our plumbing A plumber in Downey tightens a hot water line connectionservice in Downey is proud to offer gas line installation and repair service. This is one service that you don't want to try yourself. If a gas line is not properly installed it can lead to potentially fatal consequences.
Gas is piped into your home from one of two places, either the city gas lines beneath the streets or through a propane tank near the home. We can do installations and repairs on both types of systems. Our plumbers in Downey understand exactly how to handle gas pipe work, how to seal it and how to test for leaks. Because this is such a serious safety hazard, you really should have a professional installer handle it.

If you ever smell gas in your home you should immediately go to the gas line shut off valve and turn the gas off. Even in small amounts, natural gas and propane can cause nausea, vomiting, fevers and several other health issues. Once the gas is off you should immediately call in our Downey plumbing service to locate and fix the leak.

Gas Lines Are Serious Business

We take every gas line call seriously. Shut off valves are a Downey Plumbing specialityA minor leak can lead to a build-up of gas in the area and a random electric spark could set it off. Depending on the amount of gas in the area it could blow a hole in the wall, create a fireball that starts the home on fire or possibly even destroy the entire home. Again, if you smell gas shut of the supply immediately and call for help. A Gas leak is not something to mess around with. Call in a professional plumber in Downey to get the pipe fixed right away.